Hygiene Skills Test

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Hygiene Skills Test


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Employees working in the food business must have a Hygiene Passport if they in their work handle unpackaged easily perishable foods. Cafeterias, restaurants, institutional kitchens, various kiosks, fast-food restaurants, food stores etc. are work places were employees are required to have Hygiene Passports. To get the certificate (hygiene passport) you have to participate and pass a hygiene proficiency test. Haaga campus arranges tests both in Finnish and English.

To enroll a test in Haaga campus Haaga-Helia, please:

1. Contact authorized examiner in Haaga-Helia.

2. Enroll the test by email 8 days before the test at the latest (for the test in Finnish 3 days before the test day at the latest)

3. Pay the test fee 55 euros in the Haaga-Helia webshop and print out the receipt.

4. Follow the instructions by the examiner, remember to bring the receipt and ID (passport, official ID, driving licence) along with you to the test.

More information of the hygiene proficiency http://www.evira.fi/portal/en/food/hygiene+proficiency/

Examiner in Haaga-Helia is Mrs Eeva Pajakkala, email eeva.pajakkala@haaga-helia.fi, gsm +358404887564

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